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Our management staff is dedicated to your loved ones. We take pride in our connection to our residents.  We strive to provide a great deal of care and integrity in all situations.  Our executive director has 16 years of service here at Courtyard Gardens, growing and adapting her management style to deal with all of life’s situations.  At Courtyard Gardens we have management available at all times. Our Management staff at Courtyard Gardens has proven their long-term dedication and loyalty to our promise of top quality care and respect to our residents.

  • Mary Murphy – Executive Director – 16 Years Service
  • Clomymia (Chloe) Amilca  – Director of Wellness – 17 Years Service
  • Tom Ulinski – Director of Maintenance – 15 Years Service
  • Douglas Maurer – Director of Food and Beverage – 16 Years Service
  • Linda Longo – Director of Finance – 10 Years Service
  • Carol Damon – Director of Marketing – 2 Years Service
  • Tiffany Gatziolis – Director of Human Resource – 9 Years Service
  • Griciani (Anie) Mendez – Director of Activities – 2 Years Service
  • Becky Tompkins – Director of Memory Care – 8 Years Service