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Social Contract

We, the owners and associates of Courtyard Gardens, commit to build and maintain a bond of trust and loyalty between us. This will ensure our growth and stability as an enduring care facility, to better ourselves and our Courtyard family.

We Shall:

  • Have a profound respect for one another, treating each other professionally and with integrity
  • Communicate openly and honestly with each other
  • Listen to each other’s concern and ideas with attentiveness
  • Honor confidentiality and refrain from gossip
  • Strive to be loyal by consistently giving our personal best to each other and our residents
  • Be accountable for our actions
  • Foster a fun and friendly workplace


In the event of a conflict, we agree to accept responsibility for our actions, be understanding of the other person’s concerns and to seek reconciliation-by:

  • Having a loving attitude; Don’t go in anger
  • Going first to that person; one-on-one
  • Listening, non-defensively
  • Forgiving and resolving
  • Seeking, if necessary, a mutually agreed upon mediator and respecting the mediator’s solution


We pledge our support for this social contract and commit our personal efforts to uphold it in our daily interactions.