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Memory Care

Our Philosophy on Memory Care

The cognitively impaired resident requires attention to special needs. Cognitive impairment is not all or nothing; there are different degrees of dementia. Each level of severity is associated with a different set of needs and demands. Segregating residents into distinct levels of cognitive impairment allows us to focus on the specific needs of each level and deliver special care. We firmly believe that this individualized care is better care.

At Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter, we can not overemphasize the importance of our key employees who are well trained and experienced in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Diseases (ADRD). Their specialized training and dedication to our memory care residents are of paramount importance to our success. Our residents and their families really appreciate the specialized training and expertise of our staff, who treat our residents like family, with dignity and respect.

There are very few features at Courtyard Gardens that occur by chance, as we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Not only do we provide a high staff to resident ratio with specially trained employees but we also provide a physical environment that rivals some of the most beautiful outdoor gardens anywhere. Our natural gardens, consisting of a wide variety of colorful plants and foliage, produce a serene environment that can calm the anxious and soothe the soul. A walk in our park like setting is invigorating and enchanting without any worries of safety or elopement.

Courtyard Gardens is a family owned and operated business with over 50 years of healthcare experience. Unlike an impersonal corporate culture with a corporate ladder, our family business is oriented with family values, tradition, and personality. We treat our staff like family and encourage our staff to treat our residents like family, with patience, warmth, and kindness. Our patient and family satisfaction rate as well as our staff retention rate is a testament to our commitment to strong family values. The proof is always in the pudding.

We are committed and dedicated to each and every resident with memory loss. By segregating residents based on disease progression into two levels: Transitional, and  Advanced, we can treat the different needs and demands of each level of memory loss progression. Our professionally trained and friendly staff, our high staff to resident ratio, our hotel ambiance with beautiful outdoor gardens, our maintenance free living, our all inclusive assistance with all activities of daily living, our fine dining featuring a creative culinary chef, our social activities supervised by specially trained activity directors, and our administration with their attention to detail and outstanding service allow Courtyard Gardens to provide the highest quality of life and care to the cognitively impaired in a safe, comforting and cost effective manner.

At Courtyard Gardens, we serve the memory care resident, family, and community with kindness, love, respect and professionalism. We strive to increase our resident’s quality of life at a very difficult time by assisting with individual physical and cognitive needs, as well as nurturing their soul and their spirit. We encourage freedom and independence, protect privacy, ensure a safe environment, personalize services, foster individuality, preserve dignity, provide a significant service to the cognitively impaired resident, their family and serve as a tremendous asset and resource to the community.

Our Levels of Memory Care